Stand with Us to Stop Displacement in Boston

An epidemic of evictions and displacement is hitting Boston right now, and our friends, families and neighbors are losing their homes. Many have nowhere to go as rents and housing costs escalate while wages stagnate. 

City Life/Vida Urbana stops evictions and helps people stay in their homes. Every day, we're on the ground in this crisis, working in the courts and in the streets to stabilize Boston's communities. Every year, we help hundreds of families stay in their homes. But we need to do more, we want to do more - and we can do more if you stand with us.

This spring, we've joined a mass movement to win stronger protections from eviction in Boston. The legislation we need is called a "Just Cause" eviction ordinance. Boston's displacement crisis is a racial equity issue - we need better protections for renters, not resegregation. Check out video about it:

 Mayor Walsh, Stand Up for Just Cause

Stand with us - give $3 now. Join the movement today.


City Life/Vida Urbana - 43 Years of Housing Justice